Visa information  Travel to Paris/Saclay

Visa information

VISA: If you need a visa to travel to France, we can provide you with the invitation letter you will need to request a visa at the local French embassy or consulate. Note that obtaining a visa can take up to two months. Please send to  us the following information necessary to prepare the invitation.

Please do not make your request at the last minute since it may take us a few days to process it due to high demand.

  • Full first Name and Surname (as written in the passport)
  • Title (Mr Mrs Ms Dr Prof or other)
  • CECAM Workshop/Tutorial name and dates
  • Date of birth dd/mm/year Town and Country of birth
  • Passport Nr. (Country of passport if different from birth)
  • Full name and address of your affiliation
  • Email or fax N° of local French Embassy or consulate to send copy of the invitation letter: (not always needed)

Travel to Paris/Saclay

Paris is served by two international airports: Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Orly (ORY)

CECAM-FR-MOSER events are done in one of the sites, typically in downtown Paris, Saclay, Orsay, Marne-la-Vallée etc … Please check for your specific events.

CDG airport is connected to Paris by RER B. There are two stations: CDG 2 which is inside Terminal 2 of CDG airport and CDG 1 which is connected through CDGVAL with Terminals 1 and 3. The single fare is 13.70 €.

ORY airport is connected to Paris by Orly-Val and Orly-Bus.

More information can be found on the RATP web page.


MdS from CDG and ORY airports

MdS is in the “Plateau de Saclay”. Detailed information (and maps) can be found in the web page of MdS.