CECAM organizes and provides financial support for different kinds of events: workshops, schools, and conferences.

Flagship events are selected every year from the proposals submitted to the CECAM website. The Scientific Advisory Council evaluate the proposals based on external reviews. Flagship events are selected based on their ranking.

The deadline is usually mid-July, but check by clicking on “Important dates”.

CECAM strongly encourages ensuring diversity among participants. In particular workshops and conferences, fostering interactions between different communities in the area of simulation and modeling are encouraged.

Flagship events can be organized either at the CECAM Headquarters at EPFL or in one of the nodes. 

Organizers must have the explicit agreement of the Node Director to submit a proposal for a Node Flagship event.




CECAM-FR-MOSER also supports local events: proposal should be sent directly to us. 

  • Local Discussion Meetings: typically a small meeting on a new topic (in general or for the organizers) to which invite eventually few experts. A good opportunity also to later submit a CECAM flagship event.
  • Sponsoring Events: we can sponsor few meetings which topics are those of CECAM.

If you are interested in organizing a Local Discussion Meeting or if you ask for a Sponsorship, please contact us.

For the moment there are no deadlines, we will examine the propositions as they come.